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Don’t Bet on the Unicorn, Bet on the Jockey:

As of, June 23rd, Twilio is leading the pack of technology companies to go public. The stock priced its IPO at $15 dollar per share, an increase from the original $12-$14 per share range, and it opened 60% higher at $23.99 on its IPO.

With such an explosive IPO, investors should ask themselves how they should seek out alternative investments and secondary market pre-IPOs.

One method is to invest directly into private companies where investors must assess if the company financial healthy and if there is a foreseeable liquidity event. With this method of investment, it is unclear if the company will be of value for your portfolio without thorough and extensive research. Keeping that in mind, the second method to alternative and secondary market investments may be a better option.

The second method is to invest within a fund which will act as a vehicle to provide access to an array of alternative and secondary market investments. Aeon Funds and its family of funds have conducted research on the alternative and secondary market investments and provides access to investments which indicate opportunities to benefit client portfolios.
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