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Aeon Funds Launch Fiber Income Notes

(Newswire.net — March 23, 2016) — Aeon’s newest investment opportunity, called Fiber Income Notes, are now available and have already been met with great enthusiasm. Investors seeking yield, security and favorable tax treatment have shown strong demand for the product. These Fiber Incomes Notes represent the second phase of the what began as an equity ownership in this long term project and partnership, acquired through the Aeon Fiber Opportunity Fund I, LP. The Aeon Fiber Opportunity Fund was launched in January, 2015.

Aeon Funds, along with operating partner, Delcom Telecommunications, a Florida-based “Fiber to the Home” telecommunications provider has developed an investment product that provides investors with a collateralized debt instrument, delivering a 6% yield, and offering tax advantages that are unique to income investments. The Fiber Income Notes have a 10-year term and are callable in 5 years at a 2% premium. Principal and interest payments are made monthly.

Brendan Rempel, one of the fund’s managers, stated, ” We have worked hard to satisfy the demand for an investment product that would diversify our client’s portfolios, and provide attractive returns with no correlation to the broader markets. In addition, we are able to allocate depreciation to the Fiber Note Holders that can be used against this income and other passive returns in investor’s portfolios. In some cases, the Fiber Income Notes while yielding 6% could have a taxable equivalent yield of more than 10% depending on your tax bracket.”

Don Smith, Founder and CEO of Delcom Telecommunications, Inc. summarized , we believe an investment in our active Ethernet fiber-to-the-home model is a perfect collateralized, technology-diversified, piece to add to any investors portfolio. It affords the investor solid sheltered income, but puts them in the forefront of participating in this state of the art technology that will truly future-proof the communities it services with unsurpassed bandwidth, spectacular picture quality and thousands of other products that are now, or will be, available in the near future to our customers.

The Fiber Income Notes are collateralized by the installed infrastructure and the subsequent revenue from the Long-term Bulk Service Agreements executed between Delcom Telecommunications and the Home Owner Associations in Florida that Delcom provides with service.

The increase in demand for streaming content is causing a major need for faster broadband speeds, and the trend will continue. Streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, SKYPE and FaceTime, along with other similar services, are creating the need for greater bandwidth capacity. These services are best provided through Fiber to the Home (“FttH”), which has seen double-digit growth year over year, and keeps increasing at a steady pace. This growing demand for Video‐On‐Demand (“VoD”) is causing a simultaneous need for greater bandwidth, and could provide investors in this space a healthy return on investment.


Numerous developments have been passed over throughout the country, despite these locations profit potential. In Florida alone, tens of thousands of gated communities and high-rise condos have been passed over for upgrades. The Florida market alone represents a substantial opportunity for our partner Delcom and its investors to begin capturing the growing demand for FttH. Residential properties managed by homeowners’ associations (“HOAs”) in Florida typically sign long‐term Bulk Service Agreements (“BSAs”) of seven to fifteen years, guaranteeing payment to their providers. Delcom’s future proofing model, Florida’s growing population, and the frequent use of BSAs are the ideal mix of features for an attractive tax favorable alternative investment, such as the Fiber Income Notes.

There will be Limited Supply.

While there will be ongoing Fiber Notes issuances, the notes are in limited supply and expected to be in high demand. To learn more about this exciting opportunity, please click here or visit aeonfiber.fund. A representative of the fund can be reached at (732) 400-6102 or via email at info@aeonfund.com.

About Delcom,

Delcom, is a leading provider of community Solutions that combined the power of fiber with point-to-point delivery to the front door to open up a world of endless possibilities. To learn more please visit them delecomtele.net

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